Google+ The World 2 Come: January 2004

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The future of everyday life in 2010

"Our everyday lives change dramatically for a variety of reasons - when we get married, have children, move to a new area, or change job, to name just a few major causes."

"By 2010, some of today's industries will be dead, mostly those with 'agent' in the title, replaced by computer programmes running for free."

"Most of us will change jobs frequently, working for virtual companies with a core of critical staff and the rest of us on short-term contracts."

2010...Work with Americans...Friends in Japan and Mexico...Home in Australia...Parents in Europe...

Source: BT Exact

How Will We Live in 2010?
"Trains are becoming a lot faster. Information technology is telling us more about where we are and what's happening around us. Skyscrapers are getting crazier looking. Green technology is making places cleaner and healthier. Builders of monolithic structures are figuring out that their designs need to be flexible, that today's forward-looking design is tomorrow's aesthetic hangover. The city of the near future is closer than you think."

Source: Metropolis Magazine
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Monday, January 26, 2004

Lexicon of the Accelerating Future

Welcome to the Lexicons of the Future! The year is 2050...These are your grandchild's Lexicons...Enjoy them!

"This lexicon contains words, organizations, persons, and phrases related to the subject matter of AcceleratingFuture. Other interesting glossaries include Anders Sandberg's Transhuman Terminology, the Nanotech Now glossary, and the Incipient Posthuman glossary. Other informative glossaries, which this borrows heavily from (with permission), are the General Intelligence and Seed AI glossary and the Creating Friendly AI glossary."

Source: Accelerating Future