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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Book of the Week: Brave New War

"War in the twenty-first century will be very different from what we've come to expect. Terrorism and guerrilla warfare are rapidly evolving to allow nonstate networks to challenge the structure and order of nation-states. It is a change on par with the rise of the Internet and China, and will dramatically change how you and your kids will view security.

In Brave New War, the counterterrorism expert John Robb reveals how the same technology that has enabled globalization also allows terrorists and criminals to join forces against larger adversaries with relative ease and to carry out small, inexpensive actions—like sabotaging an oil pipeline—that will generate a huge return. He shows how taking steps to combat the shutdown of the world's oil, high-tech, and financial markets could cost us the thing we've come to value the most—worldwide economic and cultural integration—and the crucial steps we must take now to safeguard our systems and ourselves against this new method of warfare."

John Robb's Weblog
Global Guerrillas

Globalization’s Double-Edged Sword - Open Source

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Video of the Day: RockStartup - Episode 21

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Ted Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder of PayPerPost, should work as a comedian! This guy is funny:

RockStartup - Episode 21
"Some of PPP's best outtakes."
Source: YouTube

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