Google+ The World 2 Come: 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

WordFrame: Better Web Communities and Social Media Collaboration

"WordFrame is at the forefront of a new breed of business communication and social networking tools
that include blogs, wikis, people profiles, professional connections, the use of RSS feeds, group messaging
and document management which are now known, collectively, as Enterprise 2.0. We provide a single,
secure social media platform that combines all of these technologies in to a web publishing and collaboration environment
that is designed to help you build better web communities.

More agile, lightweight web 2.0 tools like WordFrame can take the place of traditional, structured intranets, shared drives, knowledge
management and e-mail based systems or expensive and time-consuming development projects. They can help break down the boundaries,
compress hierarchies, reduce the friction of information flow, and in so doing unlock value with increased innovation and productivity."

Monday, April 21, 2008

11,000 Feeds!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Person of the Day: Vasil Levski

"Vasil Levski (Bulgarian: Васил Левски, also transliterated as Vassil Levski), born Vasil Ivanov Kunchev (Васил Иванов Кунчев) (July 18 [O.S. July 6] 1837, Karlovo, Ottoman Empire–February 18 [O.S. February 6] 1873, near Sofia, Ottoman Empire) was a Bulgarian revolutionary, ideologist, strategist and theoretician of the Bulgarian national revolution and leader of the struggle for liberation from Ottoman rule.

Due to his major significance for the liberation of Bulgaria, Vasil Levski is hailed as a national hero and often referred to as 'The Apostle of Freedom' by the Bulgarian people."
Source: Wikipedia

Обесването на Васил Левски

Автор: Христо Ботев

О, Майко моя, родино света!
Защо тъй горко, тъй скръбно плачеш?
Гарване и ти, птицо проклета,
Над чий гроб там тъй грозно грачеш?

О, зная, зная, ти плачеш, майко
Затуй, че ти си черна робиня;
Затуй, че твоят свещен глас, майко,
Е глас без помощ, глас вов пустиня!

Плачи! Там близо до град София
Вида аз стърчи черно бесило.
И твоят един син, Българио,
Виси на него... Със страшна сила

Зимата пее свойта зла песен.
Вихрове гонят тръни в полето
И студ, и мраз - плач безнадежден
Навяват на теб, теб на сърдцето.

Гарванът грачи грозно, зловещо,
Псета и вълци вият в мъглата;
Старци се богу молят горещо,
Жените плачат, пищат децата!

Умря той вече! Юнашка сила
Твойте тиране скриха в земята!
О, майко моя, родино мила,
Плачи за него, кълни съдбата!

Директен линк:
Слова Български - Васил Левски - YouTube