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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Future of Outsourcing

"The growth of white-collar jobs in developing nations is essential to global peace and prosperity."

"Moving to India is not a luxury. It is a necessity"

"UPS's new supply-chain arm lets companies outsource everything from cell-phone repairs to customer call centers."

"In the upcoming years, expect India to continue its move up the food chain and take on some of the more complex outsourced tasks while more back-office jobs move to rock-bottom wage countries such as Vietnam and Uruguay."

"Moving manufacturing offshore, long a strategy of large multinational companies, is being adopted by more smaller businesses. But there are some key differences."

"Globalization is good at increasing the productive capacity of the world, but to make sure there are enough jobs for everybody, you need demand to keep pace with that increase in supply."

"Change is the only constant."

"What comes after services? Creativity."

Source: Wired
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