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Friday, July 30, 2004

An artificial cortex has 20 billion neurons

"CCortex is a system intended to mimic the structure of the human brain, with a layered distribution of neural nets and detailed interconnections. CCortex closely emulates specialized regions of the human cortex, basal ganglia, thalamus and hippocampus. CCortex runs on a high-performance, parallel supercomputer, a Linux cluster with up to 500 nodes and 1,000 processors, 1 terabyte of RAM, and 200 terabytes of storage. With 20 billion neurons and 20 trillion connections, CCortex is up to 10,000 times larger than any previous attempt to replicate, partially or completely, primary characteristics of human intelligence, and is the first neural system to achieve a level of complexity rivaling that of the mammalian brain."

Source: Robotic Nation Evidence
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