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Friday, October 14, 2005

Veselin Topalov is World Chess Champion!

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"The Bulgarian Veselin Topalov (30) became World Champion on chess. The citizen of the city of Rousse ended even against Rustam Kasimdzhanov (Uzbekistan) and dethroned him at the world top.
The Bulgarian Topalov has started the play against the ex world champion very easy but suddenly made some brilliant moves that let him attack. Kasimdzhanov evaded the defeat at the 42nd move and the two players agreed to end even but that has brought the title for Topalov."
Source: Focus News

Topalov FIDE Champion! - The Daily Dirt Chess Blog

Veselin Topalov is World Champion -

"The World Chess Championship, San Luis, Argentina: what an event! The daily hecatombs of pieces and pawns have produced the most thrilling chess spectacle of recent decades. It is a pity there are so few visitors to the hall to witness the bloodbath. Never mind: the servers that carry the moves live around the globe are breaking all audience records.

One man, Bulgaria's Veselin Topalov, has given an exhibition of such virtuosity that it looks doubtful, at the halfway stage, that he can be stopped. The comparisons are not with Garry Kasparov - merely the greatest chess player ever - but with Bobby Fischer, the only modern giant capable of such thorough annihilation."
Source: Guardian

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