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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Video of the Day: Computer History Museum

Keywords: Computer History Museum

- An Evening with Steve Wozniak
- Music Meets The Computer
- When Computers Were Human
- How Computer Storage Became a Modern Business
- A Human Story of Computer Animation
- Then and Now: Computer Graphics in Games
- The History of Computer Chess: An AI Perspective
- Social Computing: From Message Boards to Blogs & Beyond
- Odysseys in Technology
- The Macintosh Marketing Story: Fact and Fiction, 20 Years Later
- Lessons from Game Design
- Inktomi's Wild Ride: A Personal View of the Internet Bubble
- Pioneering the Laptop: Engineering the GRiD Compass
- The 40th Anniversary of Moore's Law with Gordon Moore and Carver Mead
- Tim O'Reilly on "Watching the Alpha Geeks"
- My Life on the Wireless Frontier
- Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science
- The Rise of Silicon Valley: From Shockley Labs to Fairchild Semiconductor
- Ubiquitous Open Source: What Does It Mean for the Software Industry?
- The Mars Exploration Rover Project - How Spirit and Opportunity Got to Mars
- How Databases Changed the World
- Distributed Computing Economics
- The PalmPilot Story
- Pioneers of Venture Capital
- From Gutenberg to Galaxy: Accessing Cultural Assets Online
- Future of Software Development Series
- Documents, Data and People: World Wide Webs
- Jurassic Software: A Look Back at the Beginnings of Consumer Software
- The Impact of Future Technology on Society
- Information Security--Before, During, and After Public-Key Cryptography
- It's the Media, Stupid!
- Steve Case in Conversation with Walt Mossberg
- Adobe Systems-The Founders' Perspective
- We the Media
- Are you Agile or Are You Fragile?
- Innovation is Nothing New: 100-Odd Years of Venture Capital Wisdom
- Unwinnable Wars: Personal Persepctives on Technology Leadership
Source: Computer History Museum - Google Video

The Computer History Museum
"The Computer History Museum is the world's largest and most significant history museum for preserving and presenting the computing revolution and its impact on the human experience. Come and discover how computing became the amplifier for our minds and changed the way we work, live and play. We hope your visit will be educational and entertaining, and that the legacy of these innovations will inspire you and many others for generations to come."

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