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Monday, December 25, 2006

Video of the Day: The Charlie Rose Show

"Charlie Rose is an American television interview show, with Charlie Rose as executive producer, executive editor, and host. The show is syndicated on PBS. Rose interviews well-known thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, scientists, and other newsmakers. Rose sits with his guests in the stillness of his studio, across his trademark round, oak-hewn table and silhouetted against a distinctive, and oft-imitated, inky-black background. A new one-hour episode airs nearly every weeknight."
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The Charlie Rose Show - Google Video

- Clint Eastwood
- Robert De Niro
- Angelina Jolie
- George Clooney
- Warren Buffett
- Zbigniew Brzezinski
- Edward Norton
- Madeleine Albright
- Henry Kissinger
- Lou Dobbs
- James Baker
- Jimmy Carter
- Morgan Freeman
- Bill and Melinda Gates
- Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel
- Jack & Suzy Welch
- Donald Rumsfeld
- Pedro Almodovar & Penelope Cruz
- George Soros
- Arianna Huffington
- Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP
- Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia
- John and Elizabeth Edwards
- Vinod Khosla
- Richard Branson, Virgin Group
- Terry Semel, Chairman and CEO of Yahoo
- Romano Prodi, Prime Minister of Italy
- Bill Clinton
- Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart
- Jacques Attali
- Barack Obama
- Garry Kasparov
- Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corp.
- Larry King
- Lance Armstrong
- Natalie Portman
- John Chambers, President & CEO of Cisco Systems
- Bill Joy
- Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future
- Esther Dyson
- Thomas L. Friedman
- King Abdullah, Jordan
- John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers / Venture Capitalist
- Ivan Seidenberg, CEO of Verizon
- Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney
- Ana Marie Cox
- Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric
- Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations
- Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India
- Karl Lagerfeld
- Anthony Hopkins
- Walter Mossberg
- Milton Friedman
- Nicholas Negroponte
- Gordon Moore, Co-Founder, Intel Corporation
- Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State
- Viggo Mortensen
- Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Chairman, The New York Times Company / Publisher, The New York Times
- Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Chairman, Kingdom Holding Company
- Ray Kurzweil
- John McCain, Senator (R-AZ)
- Mark Cuban
- John Travolta
- Barry Diller, Chairman & CEO of IAC/InteractiveCorp.
- Kostas Karamanlis, Prime Minister, Greece
- Ed Zander, Chairman & CEO, Motorola
- Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan
- Les Moonves, President and CEO of CBS
- John Grisham
- Mikhail Gorbachev
- Laurence Fishburne
- Muhammad Yunus, Founder, Grameen Bank
- Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Correspondent for CNN
- Kevin Spacey
- Steve Case
- Al Gore
- Rick Wagoner, Chairman and CEO of General Motors
- Noam Chomsky
- Malcolm Gladwell
- Steve Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO of The Blackstone Group
- David Rubenstein, Managing Director of The Carlyle Group
- Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO of NBC Universal
- Efraim Halevy, former director of Mossad
- Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel
- Eric Schmidt, Chairman & CEO of Google
- Sumner Redstone, Chairman of Viacom and CBS Corporation
- Craig Barrett, Chairman of Intel
- Cate Blanchett
- Sting
- Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey
- Nandan Nilekani, CEO of Infosys
- Jerry Yang, Co-Founder and Chief Yahoo!, Yahoo!
- Scott McNealy, Chairman & Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems
- Sandy Weill, former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup

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