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Monday, January 30, 2012

Сайтове и блогове за чужди езици (Foreign Language Resources)

Сайтове (Sites)
Académie française
Ethnologue, Languages of the World
FSI Language Courses
DLI Language Courses
How to Learn Any Language
Multilingual Search
Omniglot - the guide to languages, alphabets and other writing systems - translators & translator resources
Translators Cafe 
Foreign Language Expertise - The Website of Alexander Arguelles 
Tatoeba: Collecting example sentences
Forvo: the pronunciation guide
Memrise - the fun way to learn anything
Foreign Languages and Literatures - MIT OpenCourseWare
italki: Find language partners, practice with a native speaker, language exchange
Free Language-Learning Resources Online | Transparent Language
Language Survival Kits -
The Shtooka Project - a multilingual database of audio recordings of words and sentences
Loecsen - language courses
Language Transfer

Блогове (Blogs)
The Everyday Language Learner
Fluent in 3 Months
The Linguist Blogger
The Linguist On Language - Steve Kaufmann
The Mezzofanti Guild
For the Love of Languages
Antimoon: How to learn English effectively 
AJATT: All Japanese All The Time
Speaking Fluently - Richard Simcott
Language Hopper
Page F30: language learning tips 
Language Mastery 
Jana Fadness
The Polyglot Dream
The Mimic Method - Blog
Fluent Forever
Зарядка полиглота

Аудио (Audio)
BBC - Languages
Language Lessons - Open Culture

Видео (Video)
The Travel Linguist - YouTube
Laoshu505000's Foreign Language Road Running Channel 
Polyglots - YouTube
Christophe Clugston - YouTube 
Animated Stories for Children: BookBox Inc.
CCProse Audiobooks - YouTube

Книги (Books)
Project Gutenberg

Инструменти (Tools)
Google Translate

Форуми (Forums)
Реалити-шоу "ПОЛИГЛОТ"
Полиглоти/Polyglots/Полиглоты - Google+

Новини (News)
Alltop - Top Linguistics News

Страници (Pages)
Полиглоти/Polyglots/Полиглоты - Facebook

1 comment:

Aaron G Myers said...

Great list of resources. And thanks for including a link to my site. I only wish I could read Russian so that I could read more.