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Saturday, November 22, 2003

The Robotic Revolution

The robotic revolution is coming? The robotic world is our destiny? Marshall Brain, the founder of HowStuffWorks, has the answers. Check out Robotic Nation.

The world in 2014 will be pretty dystopian, according to this weblog from the future...
Wars, nukes, diseases...It's not funny...

The Science of the Matrix

"Most viewers of The Matrix consider the more fanciful elements--intelligent computers, downloading information into the human brain, virtual reality indistinguishable from real life--to be fun as science fiction, but quite remote from real life. Most viewers would be wrong. As renowned computer scientist and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil explains, these elements are very feasible and are quite likely to be a reality within our lifetimes."

"The Matrix is set in a world one hundred years in the future, a world offering a seemingly miraculous array of technological marvels—sentient (if malevolent) programs, the ability to directly download capabilities into the human brain, and the creation of virtual realities indistinguishable from the real world. For most viewers these developments may appear to be pure science fiction:interesting to consider, but of little relevance to the world outside the movie theatre. But this view is shortsighted. In my view, these developments will become a reality within the next three to four decades." Go to the Ray Kurzweil's explanation.

See also Peter B. Lloyd's opinions about The Science of The Matrix , The Matrix Reloaded and the Slashdot's comments.

Interested in futurology? Views for the future is just for you! There are a lot of "forecasts of future social and technological developments".