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Sunday, November 16, 2003

What is the Matrix?

What is the Matrix? I just love the films, the animatrix, the soundtracks, the comics! There's a lot of comments about Matrix Revolutions here.

What's the the communications technologies future? Vodafone's Receiver has the right answer...Just read it!

China is the future, right?
The rapid spread of Internet cafes, wireless phones and online chat has given the Chinese unprecedented freedom of expression and access to "unofficial" information. But the government recently seized control of the Internet cafes and is making other moves to reign in those new freedoms.

Learn more about China's Internet Revolution

How to be smart on the web? BusinessWeek selected the top 50 smartest companies. More and more business operations are web based. There's no doubt that the future of business is on the web!

Convergence Defined ? "It's a ubiquitous buzzword, used to describe everything from corporate strategies to technological developments to job descriptions. But what does convergence really mean? From the new book, "Digital Journalism," a chapter by Northwestern University journalism professor Rich Gordon." Let's see