Google+ The World 2 Come: America's Tech Might

Friday, March 26, 2004

America's Tech Might

"Once the undisputed leader, America is now under assault from countries worldwide. How did this happen, and will the U.S. be able to fight back?"

"Countries from Israel to India are feeding their R&D capabilities with lavish resources so their economies can reap the resulting benefits."
Source: BusinessWeek

Wireless Society: The next Information Age
"With the variety of new wireless gadgets and gizmos debuting this year, many are bound to top holiday wish lists. Sales of WiFI --- short for wireless fidelity -- products have tripled since 2001 and experts predict a second Information Age in the 21st century, where access to the Internet, personal data and other information will be available anytime, anywhere via wireless connections."

Source: CNN
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