Google+ The World 2 Come: The Battle for the Digital Home

Friday, April 30, 2004

The Battle for the Digital Home

"Go back to 1994 and people were talking breathlessly about 'Digital Convergence' a buzzword, but not a reality.

Now fast forward 10 years to 2004 and we see real products delivering on the promise. The consumer electronics industry is a $30 billion industry worldwide and it is about to undergo more change in the next five years than in the previous 25.

As the electronics industry shifts from analog to digital technology there is a major battle going on between the industry giants and start-ups alike for leadership in the digital home. This is a battle where billions of dollars are being spent in new technology. This battle has been underway for several years and the recent changes are reshaping the entire industry.

Everything from set-top boxes to digital photography is driving new industry standards for the digital home. The arrival of broadband and wireless technologies is changing the rules. The Digital Home is becoming networked, getting closer to that 1994 promise.

Our panel will discuss these trends, and the technology shaping them while answering the critical question, does the consumer really want access to their favorite digital entertainment, including recorded TV, photography, movies and music anywhere in the home."

Source: IT Conversations