Google+ The World 2 Come: The emergence of the innovation economy

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The emergence of the innovation economy

"The major future trend that will affect everyone in business in the future is the emergence of the innovation economy. Innovation will be the currency of the future marketplace, offsetting the outsourcing trend. Those that know how to use tech innovations to create customer value will win. The fastest innovation will be driven by the convergence of four power tools—nanotech, biotech, infotech, and cognitive science. They will offer a new gold rush of opportunity. Leveraging the new building blocks of innovation comprised of bits, atoms, genes, and neurons will be essential for future leaders . . ."
Source: US News

Beyond the Blogs
Joi Ito (SixApart, Technorati), Robert Scoble (Microsoft), Bill Kearney (Syndic8), Andrew Grumet (RSSTV), Greg Reinacker (NewsGator) and Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome) discuss the next generation of web applications: RSS or Atom: spam-proof mailing lists, personal-content gateways (your TiVo?), meta-feeds and the data mining services Technorati and Feedster.
Source: IT Conversations

New Navy vessel's revolutionary IT
"The U.S. Navy has a new ship in its fleet that officers say may be the most technologically advanced vessel produced to date, with IT capabilities that are revolutionizing naval warfare and may play a vital role in responding to potential terrorist attacks in the U.S."
Ssource: Computerworld