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Monday, May 24, 2004

The Soulmate Manifesto

"Spreading the knowledge of this book will increase social and human capital. Social capital is a feature of society that facilitates coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit. Human capital is the time, personal skills, capabilities, experience, and knowledge of an individual.

By making the search for love efficient, society and individuals will benefit greatly. Imagine a future where people can find their soulmates easily. When the person that you are with is beating or cheating on you, you can easily leave to find another love. Instead of going on hundreds of meaningless dates, you can be pursuing other endeavors. How many broken hearts will be spared? Imagine a world where divorce does not exist. How much time, money, and energy are used to search for love? How much are wasted on wrong relationships? Resources that once were used to find love will now be used to pursue innovations and discover talents. Dreams that were once dormant will come true. Life will be richer and more meaningful because everybody will have time to discover their calling in this world. People will be happier because more people will be in love.

The problem of finding the right person is not isolated to love. Private equity, investment banking, entertainment, publishing, job placement, and other industries will benefit from the solution. Investment bankers, venture capitalists, and angel investors all use a matchmaking model. They are players in an industry where entrepreneurs or companies are matched to investors. Solving dating will also make industries that use the matchmaking model more efficient. Imagine you have an idea or a screenplay and need to find the right people to make them a reality. In the future, it will be a lot easier to make your dreams come true. Society will benefit from accessing ideas and talents that were once hidden because of the cost of finding them were too high. I believe the person or company that solves dating will be a candidate for a Nobel Prize one day."

Source: Social Grid
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