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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Nanotech Report 2004

"The Nanotech Report 2004 (TNR 2004) is the premier research guide for nanotechnology. The TNR 2004 profiles more than 1,000 companies and features new investment frameworks and strategies, company and academic profiles, patent licensing opportunities and trends, competitive data, interviews with Nobel laureates and industry experts, profiles of the most influential players in nanotechnology, and a technical primer."

  • Forecasts the impact of nanotechnology on the Chemical, Textile, Computing, Transportation, Energy, Healthcare, and Homeland Security industries
  • Provides a nanotechnology roadmap
  • Identifies the potential winners and losers in the emerging nanotechnology industry
  • Explores the research initiatives at leading government laboratories
  • Presents compelling interviews of academic researchers at the forefront of Nanotechnology
  • Ranks the most influential people in the field
  • Highlights venture capital and worldwide government funding trends
  • Identifies the top private nanotechnology companies most likely to IPO
Source: Lux Research

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