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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Top 10 Trends in Innovation

"Thomas Frey: As part of preparing for the upcoming Colorado Innovation Summit, the research team at the DaVinci Institute has spent the past few months reviewing hundreds of factors influencing innovations in the US. Using a scoring system designed to assess the overall impact of each of these factors; a group of the Institute’s staff and advisors weighed in.

The effects of globalization are clearly evident as R&D money begins to shift to China and India. And the baby boom demographic is also creating havoc both in the areas of retiring scientists and engineers and our country's ability to backfill these vacancies with competent new hires.

The proliferation of new technologies is also evident in the sheer volume of patent filing and the vast number of products in the marketplace.

Three categories of technology made the list as being the most promising areas for innovation. These areas include mobile and wireless, biotech, and entertainment. It was felt that these areas would be dominated by U.S. innovations for many years to come."

  1. The Age of 100 Million Products
  2. Patent Filings Reach All-Time High
  3. The Next Big Thing was Invented Over 25 Years Ago
  4. R&D Investment Shifts to China and India
  5. The Great Talent Gap Continues to Grow
  6. Time Compression Driving Consumer Behavior
  7. Aging Marketplace Driving Biotech
  8. Transition to Mobile and Wireless Driven by Desire for Freedom
  9. Entertainment: A Hotbed for Innovation
  10. Politics Trumps Technology & Business
Source: DaVinci Institute
[via Impact Lab]

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