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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Innovation Economy

October 11, 2004 BW Magazine Table of Contents

This Way To The Future
From energy to biotech, we may be on the cusp of a new age of innovation.

Voices Of Innovation: Steve Jobs
Chairman and CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios

Scouring The Planet For Brainiacs
Worldwide innovation networks are the new keys to R&D vitality -- and competitiveness

Voices Of Innovation: Cherry Murray
Senior vice-president of physical sciences research and a veteran at Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs

Photo Essay: Building On The Past

Photo Essay: Global Brain Power

Flying High?
Long the innovation leader, the U.S. now has serious competition from abroad. Is America's research lead in danger?

Voices Of Innovation: Shirley Ann Jackson
President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute since 1999.

Commentary: Can Uncle Sam's Cash Still Unlock The Future?

Online Extra: Counting the Femtoseconds
The Energy Dept.'s 20-year R&D plan aims to push the frontiers of fusion power, supercomputing, and nanotechnology

Photo Essay: The Best Of What's New
A raft of ideas that could well change your life

Nanotech: Universe In A Grain Of Sand
Scientists are finding that ultratiny materials behave in unexpected ways.

Online Extra: Nanotech: Big Concept on Campus
Academia is fast becoming the center of this promising technology's universe, with states helping to pay the way

Where Our Energy Will Come From
From seabed gas to pebble-bed nukes, a scouting report on tomorrow's sources.

Voices Of Innovation: Wallace Broecker
A professor at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and a leading researcher on the issue of global climate change.

Aging Is Becoming So Yesterday
Tantalizing new discoveries suggest the possibility of reengineering the body.

Online Extra: A Longevity Company's First Steps
Elixir Pharmaceuticals is still young, but its all-star team is aiming squarely at one of humanity's oldest dreams

Voices Of Innovation: Craig Venter
A pioneer in decoding the genomes of everything from microbes to humans, and president of The Center for the Advancement of Genomics.

Reinventing The Wheels
Fuel cells, crash-proof cars -- auto makers are forging the future now.

In A Tight Spot -- And Loving It

How Will TV Survive Its Own Reality Show?
To thrive in the Internet Age, the industry must remake itself.

An Old Hotbed With New Crops
This time around, the Valley is nurturing startups that combine info tech with emerging technologies.

Voices Of Innovation: Roger McNamee
An innovator in venture-capital investing and co-founder of the Silver Lake Partners and Elevation Partners funds.

Getting The Best To The Masses
A wave of innovation is yielding high-quality goods that India's poor can afford.

Voices Of Innovation: Faqir Chand Kohli
Former chairman of Tata Consultancy Services, India's software outsourcing pioneer, and a champion of cracking the country's adult literacy problem.

Huawei: More Than A Local Hero
The telecom gear maker aims to be a player in global innovation.

Voices of Innovation: Yuan Longping
Director general of China's National Hybrid Rice Research & Development Center and a pioneer in hybrid rice technology

The Old World Becomes A Little Newer
The trend toward collaborative innovation will help the Continent revive its R&D.

Voices Of Innovation: Tim Berners-Lee
The London-born inventor of the World Wide Web is now at Massachusetts Institute of Technology working to create the new "Semantic Web," a radical leap that would greatly improve how people and machines locate and use data on the Web.

Building An Idea Factory
Inspiration is fine, but above all, innovation is really a management process.

Online Extra: At P&G, It's "360-Degree Innovation"
Chief Tech Officer Gilbert Cloyd on how the consumer-goods giant moves technology and ideas both internally and externally

Photo Essay: Idea Factories

Voices Of Innovation: Jeff Hawkins
Creator of the first PalmPilot PDA and Handspring smart phone and author of the book On Intelligence, about the human brain and intelligent machines.

Reaping The Wind
GE's energy initiative is a case study in innovation without borders

Voices Of Innovation: Amory Lovins
CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit energy and environment policy think tank

SciFi: Novel Inspiration
Otherworldly fantasies can evoke solutions to real problems. Science fiction has been honorably doing just that for decades

Online Extra: 15 Great Science Fiction Novels
Eric Rabkin's personal favorites

Photo Essay: Lessons From Sci Fi

Commentary: Are The Copyright Wars Chilling Innovation?

The Search For Tomorrow
BusinessWeek's new index examines corporate R&D and capital spending

Commentary: How To Sharpen The Innovation Edge

Online Extra: Industry And Academia Weigh In (extended)
IBM's Sam Palmisano and Georgia Tech's Wayne Clough talk about their National Innovation Initiative, due out in December

Source: BusinessWeek
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