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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

IPod vs. Mobile Phones

"The cell phone is the 800 pound gorilla of portable devices; dedicated digital music players are going to be fads.
... The cell phone has already defeated the standalone PDA (who has those anymore?)
... will defeat the standalone digital camera
... will defeat the standalone MP3 player (iPods included)
... will defeat the USB Flash Drives

... and will eventually largely defeat a large segment of the desktop/notebook computer market.

Add a significant amount of storage to cellphones and not only will standalone MP3 players and USB memory sticks take a major hit, but everyone will jack their cellphones into a workstation via USB or FireWire and have a portable computer sans monitor/keyboard with them at all times (and those that have laptops merely for address books, documents and email will no longer have much need for lugging around a notebook computer).

(--UNLESS-- cellphone size decreases to the point where it becomes earpiece sized in the coming 5 to 10 years where the decreased size disallows increased on-board storage capacity. But in this case, the cellphone is likely to displace music players via virtual internet accessible storage.)"

Source: Forums - PC Magazine

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