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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Accelerating Change 2004

"The Accelerating Change conference is a production of the nonprofit Institute for the Study of Accelerating Change (ISAC)."

"AC2004 emphasizes three main themes (Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface) with selections from twenty subtheme categories. We approach these themes using four concurrent dialogs (Science, Technology, Business, and Humanism) and three fundamental processes (data-guided Analysis, informed Forecasting, and agendas for Action) that lend insight and foresight to today's most relevant and powerful examples of accelerating technological change."

  • Physical Space (Tangible Things and Networks)
  • Virtual Space (Simulations and Virtual Life)
  • Interface (Data, Management Systems, and Convergence)

Shai Agassi
Executive Board Member, SAP

Jaron Lanier
Founder, VPL Research; Advisor, National Tele-Immersion Initiative; Computer Scientist, Composer, Artist

David Brin
Physicist, Science Fiction and Nonfiction Writer

Doug Engelbart
Inventor of the Mouse; Digital Interface Legend; Founder, Bootstrap Institute

Dan Gillmor
Business and Technology Columnist, San Jose Mercury News

Helen Greiner
Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, iRobot

Steve Jurvetson
Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Peter Kaminski
CTO and Founder, Socialtext

Peter Norvig
Director of Search Quality, Google

Christine Peterson
Founder and Vice President, Foresight Institute

John Smart
President, ISAC

Rich Skrenta
Co-Founder and CEO,

Gordon Bell
Project Director, MyLifeBits, Microsoft BARC

Brad Templeton
Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Will Wright
Founder, Maxis; Creator, Sim City, The Sims

Dana Blankenhorn
Technology Business Journalist and Consultant


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