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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Global War of the 21st Century

Global Guerrillas
"Networked organizations, infrastructure disruption, and the emerging marketplace of violence. An open notebook on the epochal war of the 21st Century."
Source: Global Guerrillas

The Advent of Netwar
"The information revolution is leading to the rise of network forms of organization, with unusual implications for how societies are organized and conflicts are conducted. 'Netwar' is an emerging consequence. The term refers to societal conflict and crime, short of war, in which the antagonists are organized more as sprawling 'leaderless' networks than as tight-knit hierarchies. Many terrorists, criminals, fundamentalists, and ethno-nationalists are developing netwar capabilities. A new generation of revolutionaries and militant radicals is also emerging, with new doctrines, strategies, and technologies that support their reliance on network forms of organization."
Source: RAND

War on Terrorism

Counterinsurgency Operations - TerrorWiki

Spetsnaz's First World War

How can we describe this new kind of war? Let's connect the dots...

- law vs. corruption
- order vs. disorder
- civil society vs. organized crime
- accelerating change vs. static decline
- hierarchy vs. networks
- units vs. swarms
- power vs. weakness
- post-industrial tecnology vs. industrial tecnology
- globalization vs. traditional values
- creativity vs. diligence

The Pentagon's New Map
Warfighting in the 21st Century – The Remote, Robotic, Robust, Size-Reduced, Virtual Reality Paradigm

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