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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Google MapQuest

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"We think maps can be useful and fun, so we've designed Google Maps to simplify how to get from point A to point B. Say you're looking for 'hotels near LAX.' With Google Maps you'll see nearby hotels plotted right on a crisp new map (we use new rendering methods to make them easier to read). Click and drag the map to view the adjacent area dynamically - there's no wait for a new image to download. Or get step-by-step directions to where you're headed. If a particular intersection on the route looks tricky, click on that step in the directions to see a magnified view. Play with the keyboard shortcuts (arrow keys to pan or the +/- keys to zoom in and out ) too. The tour shows you even more."
Source: Google Blog

Where is George W. Bush? What about Bill Gates or Google? Irrelevant results. Too much noise. A cool, but dumb, search engine! This is a common problem for the search industry. Peter Norvig and his mates work on this task and I can't wait for the semantic web!

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