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Monday, February 07, 2005

Sun Microsystems's Grid Computing

Do you remember "The Software Paradigm Shift", the great IT Conversation with Tim O'Reilly?

Sun Microsystems gets the idea. Jonathan Schwartz says:
"We're well on our way to building out a global grid, with partners across the world, to make the network service called 'computing' as ubiquitous, and affordable, as electricity. Ditto for storage.

Our view is that many suppliers in the technology industry have relied on mass inefficiencies and opacity to drive short term profits - why bother delivering a computing service if you can custom build a grid for each customer and sell 10X the infrastructure? To us, that sounds like betting against the network - a bad move for any market. So what we introduced was simple - an opportunity for any customer needing a computing or storage grid to leverage ours for a simple, transparent price: $1/cpu-hr, or $1/GB-mo."
Source: Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog

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