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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Audio of the Day: Omid Kordestani at Web 2.0 2005

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Google, Omid Kordestani

"In 1999 Omid Kordestani became the 'first guy with a suit' at Google. Since then it has been his job to lead the company's revenue generation efforts, which makes him a key source for insights into the Google business strategy. In conversation with John Battelle Kordestani considers where Google is going and what business it is really in.

Kordestani discusses the growth potential in Google's core advertising business and the extent to which the company now resembles the Microsoft of the 1990s. Finally, he addresses the issue of how a company of Google's size, hiring more than ten new people every day, can foster rather than crush innovation."
Source: IT Conversations

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