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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Book of the Week: Steve Jurvetson's Bookshelf@Work

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Steve Jurvetson:
"I found that I have blogged, directly or indirectly, about most of these books. From foreground/right to background/left:
Dawkins, Ridley, Nanotech, Lessig, Deutsch, Complexity and Emergence, New Humanists from, Redesigning Humans, Free Culture, Feynman, Molecular Electronics, Biohazard, Po Bronson and MacNiven cover Hotmail, Kurzweil, Biocosm, Scientist in the Crib, Code, Juan Enriquez, Genetic Programming, TED, On Intelligence & Mind Wide Open, Watson’s DNA, Gates, Wolfram and Williams’ thoughts on quantum computing, World Tech Summit, Accelerating Change Conference, and The Future of Life."
Source: Photos from jurvetson - Flickr

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