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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Audio of the Day: Content 2.0

"The day saw leading experts and practitioners in the digital space - from Yahoo, Microsoft, Myspace, BBC, Broadband Mechanics and elsewhere - come together with an informed audience for a day of discussion and debate on some of the key issues and developments facing the content industries: social networks and ownership of digital identity, blogging and control, Marketing 2.0, brands and trust, social search and recommendation, folksonomy and tagging, and the habits and attitudes of digital natives."
Source: New Media Knowledge

- Mesh Up: Connecting Content to People
- Goodbye New Media - Hello Social Media
- Marketing 2.0 = Content 2.0?
- Can Brands be Trusted?
- The Changing Face Of Web Search
- Folksonomies: What Are They Good For?
- Search & Enjoy! The Power of Search and Recommendation
- Invisible Culture

- Bradley Horowitz - Vice President of Product Strategy, Yahoo!
- Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid
- Marc Canter - CEO, Broadband Mechanics
- Jamie Kantrowitz of Myspace
- Alan Moore - CEO, SMLXL
- Shel Israel - author, Naked Conversations
- Matt Locke - Head of Innovation, BBC New Media
- Suranga Chandratillake of Blinkx
- Alex Barnett of MSDN, Microsoft
- Matthew Ogle of LastFM

Content 2.0
Web content 2.0 @ the RSA - Communities Dominate Brands

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