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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Report of the Day: The Economist on the World in 2007

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"The 21st edition of The Economist’s annual compilation of forecasts, The World In 2007 , examines critical issues that will shape the year ahead. Journalists from The Economist , prominent politicians and luminaries from the world of business look ahead to bring you their considered predictions on business, politics, technology and more.

Among the contributors to The World In 2007 are Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, potential Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, President Michelle Bachelet of Chile and the Conservative Party leader, David Cameron. There are articles from two top CEOs: Google’s Eric Schmidt and Oracle’s Larry Ellison (who writes not about software but about yachting’s America’s Cup). There are even thoughts from a Siberian prison by Mikhail Khordorkovsky. As ever, the publication is both entertaining and informative, telling readers what to expect in 2007 on topics ranging from slavery to Pi?a Colada."

- the European Union and Germany
- George Bush
- Iraq
- David Cameron and the Conservative Party in the UK
- democracy in the world
- crime gangs
- Russia and the emergence of a new world order
- France after Chirac
- the web is a serial killer
- China
- investing in climate change
- towards immortality
- the collapse of North Korea
- Japan’s relations with China
Source: The Economist

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