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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Social Software Platform Enterprise Hive now Generally Available

Social Software Platform Enterprise Hive Now Generally Available

Enterprise Hive has just been announced as generally available, offering a competitive edge to the education, government, and technology industries. An advanced and flexible social software platform, Enterprise Hive offers more functionality at a lower cost than any other product on the market today. Enterprise Hive: The Savvy Social Software Platform for Discerning Education, Government, & Technology Organizations

Irvington, VA (Vocus) July 27, 2010

Enterprise Hive, an enterprise-class social software platform with social networking & content management capabilities, was announced today as generally available by the software’s proprietor, Enterprise Hive, LLC, and its development partner, ITBrix, LLC.

“Enterprise Hive is pleased to partner with ITBrix, particularly in education and government software solutions. Developed to meet the needs of complex environments, the Enterprise Hive solution offers many benefits over other more expensive and cumbersome social software platforms. It has been specifically & meticulously designed as the affordable, easy-to-use social software solution of choice by the Enterprise Hive team, professionals with 20+ years experience in high technology for education and government,” said Enterprise Hive CEO Vicki Tambellini.

With the overall shift to online communication and away from expensive and time consuming in-person gatherings, social media software is becoming an ever increasing necessity for competitive organizations. Enterprise Hive recognizes this demand and has created a product that allows for breakthroughs in cost and productivity by providing: wiki’s, blogs, group messaging, RSS feed aggregation, people profiles, and document management in a Software as a Service solution.

Enterprise Hive, LLC has constructed a unique and exciting addition to the education, government, and technology “marketspace.” The live build of Enterprise Hive offers a powerful social software solution with optimized capabilities to deliver web-based communities, while still meeting even small organizations’ budgets. Unlike other technically challenging and difficult to implement platforms, Enterprise Hive allows for easily customizable communities of practice and purpose, user communities, special interest groups, private communication groups, and lead generation groups, to name a few.

The Enterprise Hive solution facilitates greater collaboration, communication, and sharing of information and collective wisdom between peers, vendors, and customers than any other software on the market today. Enterprise Hive, LLC exceeds other companies’ reach by having a full understanding and appreciation of higher education, government, and technology. The power and potential of Enterprise Hive is exemplified by, an online community with tens of thousands of members from over 85 countries and a growing list of “Communities of Practice.”

“With Enterprise Hive generally available, the education, government, and technology industries can harness the potential of social media to create a competitive advantage in a way that has never before been possible. Built specifically for these industries by veterans in the field, Enterprise Hive is in a unique position to securely, flexibly, and quickly organize up to tens of millions of users globally, generate new leads and sales, serve customers, and collaborate about best practices,” states ITBrix CEO George Athannassov.

About Enterprise Hive, LLC

Enterprise Hive, LLC provides higher education institutions, k-12 schools, government, and the professional associations, suppliers, consultants and technology vendors that serve them, with enterprise-class social software solutions.

Enterprise Hive is a project of The Tambellini Group, founded and led by Vicki Tambellini, and headquartered in Irvington, Virginia. For more information, visit Enterprise Hive.

About ITBrix,LLC

ITBrix is an international software development and consulting company whose expertise lies in the area of community collaboration, web publishing, and content management. They now primarily focus on web systems, collaboration, and content management with their PageTypes and WordFrame brands.

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