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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Fundamental limitations on 21st century biotechnology

"All important substrate emergences, or phase transitions, appear to require both primarily bottom up, and secondarily top down control processes."

" 'Genetically engineered humans,' redesigned for increased performance, now appear to be the 'atomic vacuum cleaners' of the 1950's—fantasies that will never come to pass, for a host of complex reasons."

"We are stuck with our genetic legacy code, and we won't be able to significantly reengineer it until we move to an entirely new computational substrate."

"It appears that the era of genetic exploration in human organisms is largely over."

"In summary, biology, while it will still yield a host of socially valuable benefits in coming decades, is essentially a saturated substrate. We will gain a host of new knowledge from the biological sciences, but we won't use that information to redesign humans, in any significant biological sense. There won't be time or reason to do so.

Infotech, not biotech, now appears to be the constrained developmental future for local intelligence."

Source: Singularity Watch
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