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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Interview with Intel's CEO

"Let's turn to the technology business. Do you see a faster PC upgrade cycle in the future?"

"You are probably going to see more distributed upgrade cycles. It is not going to be big lumps of stuff happening all at once, but I am sure people will upgrade their (PC) clients in the U.S. Consumption in the emerging economies is growing much faster than the U.S.--and will continue to do so."

"We have seen Intel move away from clock speed and talk more about things like processor speeds. Is that going to be the company's future focus?"

"We are still interested in performance, but you can drive performance in a whole bunch of different ways. We have not lost any enthusiasm toward faster transistors or toward higher performance. We will just be able to get performance using different technology and different techniques."

"What sort of markets are ripe for digitization? What are the industries you see that are going to need this?"

"Health sciences is a big one just because it is such a huge piece of the gross domestic product of the established economies and they are such relatively slow adopters of technology. With their basic infrastructure in the back office, the health care industries have been pretty sluggish in terms of computerizing and taking the cost down."

"How about the energy field? A few years ago you were talking about alternative energy and people looked at you like you were crazy. Now Stanford says it is one of their top three research areas."

"When I ask people what their initiative would be if they were president for a day, most come back with the same answer: something to do with the energy ecosystem.

Going to the moon was the great Sputnik challenge. Today I think the challenges we face are a little bit different, and I would think it would have something to do with the energy environment that we have. It's not surprising to me that a lot of other people are thinking in that same way."

Source: CNET News
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