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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole

What does Bruce Sterling think about the Singularity?

"He has big reservations against hard AI. Used MS Clippy's demise as an example on how far away we are. [Kurzweil's Ramona is another example.]

Then he looked at Singularities in history and he found three:
1. 1945 after the first atomic bomb dropped. For 6 years humanity was struggling to come to terms with this event.
2. LSD in the 60s presents you with the perception of a Singularity.
3. Computer viruses singularitarian event.

All of these have no staying power, all got swamped. LSD even fallen off the planet."

"Everyone claims, that we are on the edge of something big, but what if we are on the edge of nothing critically important?"

Listen to Bruce Sterling

Source: Future Salon
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