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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Generation S, or the Future of Streaming Media

"Let's forget Sci-Fi and let’s take a look at what should we expect to see in the next 5-10-15 years.
1. The TV and the computer will merge once and forever. We will still have our TV’s as we know then, but I think we will see the combo version very soon on the market.
2. Streaming movies and songs will overtake DVD’s and CD’s. You will be able to download a High Def movie on your set-top box, laptop, portable PVR, phones and cars (minivan’s mostly)
3. Wearable PVR’s a.k.a. personal black boxes or vlog boxes may be used by kids, police and military personal or in our cars. The ability to transmit live video over xG networks or Ultra-hi-def–Fi IP networks at speeds of 100 MBps or higher.
4. VOIP will be Video-over-IP or some mix of video, text and GPS location will rule the world.
5. Video collaboration will change how enterprise, small businesses, government and individuals communicate and work. Telecommuting will have a whole new meaning, since now you will be able to virtually be there from anywhere.
6. People will have their own media servers ( I have one now) with their videos, pictures and MP’s)
7. We will have video or virtual answering machines to take our massages, since we will know who and why they are calling us. ( I want the virtual Nicole Kidman to be my virtual secretary) This should be part of the media server functionality.
8. CNN will no longer be the news network that 'brings you the world.' I think some VLOG news network will have all up to date, live and on-demand vlogs from ordinary people from around the world. And it will be up to us to make our own decision whether to watch it or not and what to watch. There will be Streaming only 'TV' channels that will overtake the stream generation.
9. We will have our personalized video pages on our TV’s, laptops or phones, with news, movies, live feeds, vlogs and video massages.
10. You will be able to see and track traffic in your car or fingertips.
11. We will have live streaming from our video-stream cams of weddings, birth, death, concerts, or developing news. You will never miss one of these any more.
12. Learning will never be the same. All universities and even schools will offer live and on-demand programs for their students. Kids in China will be able to get their Stanford degrees on-line. More people will have better education, and maybe at lower costs than what they want us to believe (save, save for college). Why, if the content is syndicated this will save us time and money. You will be able to get the best from around the world in less time and in better format.
13. Books will start changing, as we will be able to stream the text and the images on-demand of any book in any language to any device anywhere.
14. E-Commerce will never be the same. Virtual house tours that have been here for years will soon let you buy your next house over the web, without living your living room. E-bay will have live video auctions for their hi-end sales. Yahoo, MSFT and Google will fight for it too."

Source: AlwaysOn
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