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Monday, August 02, 2004

The Future of Travel

"In January, London-based Thomson Holidays, one of the U.K.'s biggest tour operators, hosted the 'Future Holiday Forum,' with leaders in travel, technology and design. The most surprising part of its report, '2024: A Holiday Odyssey,' predicted that the hotel of the future will be a foldable pod on stilts, which can be plunked down in remote locations. The pods will be self-sustainable, and guests can choose the images they want to be projected on the walls. When a destination falls out of fashion, whether due to demand or terrorism, the pod can simply be folded up and moved."

It's not just pod hotels which could be shaping the future of travel. Glen Hiemstra, founder of, believes that three things will define the future of hotels: robotics, nanotechnology, and biometric security, such as retina scans. Some of these technologies, like retina scans, are already being used by high-security government offices, banks and the military, but Hiemstra predicts they will soon be embraced by the hotel industry."

Source: Forbes
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