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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Search Wars

Interview with Bill Gates
"At the Wall Street Journal's second annual D Conference in June, Bill Gates defended his company's plans to enter the search arena. In an interview conducted by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Mr. Gates explained why Microsoft will someday be a better alternative than Google."
Source: AlwaysOn

Inside the Mind of Jeff Bezos
"It's hard to predict how Amazon will change in the next few years because Bezos is so committed to radical innovation. Bezos himself doesn't really know what will happen. 'We have this weirdness in our business,' he says. 'The raw ingredients that make our business -- things like CPU processing power, bandwidth, and disk space -- get twice as cheap every 12 to 18 months. Disk space is 30 times cheaper today than it was five years ago. Thirty times cheaper! So the real question becomes, What can you do with 30 times as much disk space, 20 times as much computing power, and 30 times as much bandwidth? All right, how are you going to make customers happy with that? It turns out that these are not easy questions to answer.' "
Source: Fast Company

Marc Cuban vs. Google?
"What could be more fun than taking on Google in the search engine business ??

Im working with a company called IceRocket is a brand new search host that combines the best of spidered search, meta search, and what we hope are some unique and different features that make using the engine more efficient and addictive.
Im not involved in the day to day, Ive offered to help come up with some unique features that hopefully can allow them to seperate from the pack. To me, this is a unique way to 'design my own search engine.' The features that are and will be included, are the things I look for when Im doing my searches."
Source: Marc Cuban

The Gillmor Gang - July 22, 2004
"Along with Mary Hodder, Dave Sifry will be providing real-time analysis of the political blogosphere for CNN at next week's Democratic National Convention. He looks forward to introducing the blogosphere to the 95% of the country who have never heard of it.

Dave discusses this announcement and gives us both social and technical insights into Technorati: 'tracking patterns of influence and authority in real time.' 140+ servers give Technorati a huge grid-computing system, and Dave explains how their technology is different from traditional search engines. On open-source software, 'We wouldn't exist without it.' He even goes deep into the Postgres/MySQL debate."
Source: IT Conversations

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