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Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Surveillance Society

"In the brave new future, Big Brother will watch our every move. But that's OK, because we'll be watching him too."

"Half a century ago, amid an era of despair, George Orwell created one of the most oppressive metaphors in literature with the telescreen system used to surveil and control the people in his novel '1984.' "

"The worst aspect of Orwell's telescreen -- the trait guaranteeing tyranny -- was not that agents of the state could use it to see. The one thing that despots truly need is to avoid accountability. In '1984,' this is achieved by keeping the telescreen aimed in just one direction! By preventing the people from looking back."

"While a flood of new discoveries may seem daunting, they should not undermine the core values of a calm and knowledgeable citizenry. Quite the opposite: While privacy may have to be redefined, the new technologies of surveillance should and will be the primary countervailing force against tyranny."

Source: Salon
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