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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Knowledge Measurement

"Knowledge management is a joke and search technologies are overrated."

"Today we sit in the midst of the information revolution and still don't know the value of the most fundamental resource that drives our global economy: information. The benefits of the information revolution won't be realized until bottom-up, market-based valuation of daily information exchanges emerges."

"Search technologies, no matter how sophisticated, can't capture the implicit value that humans inherently place on information and relationships. Today 'search technologies' continue to command great attention and funding (Google) as 'the solution' to the 'info glut' problems that arise from working in an information economy."

"Bottom-up information valuation of highly nuanced information will enable markets in everything. In the process, information valuation will transform the future of work, organizational cultures, eliminate information overload, and finally make knowledge measurement (and thus management) a reality."

Source: Brain Waves
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